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November 2017
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How to Start Your Own Blog

No website has the power of a blog when it comes to getting high page ranks and high search engine ranks.  Blogging software  automatically pings dozens of search engines everytime there is a new post.  Automated Google site map plugins also rebuild the sitemap and ping Google each time there is a new post, page or comment.  With the power these automated tools, no one should be running a regular web site again.  We recommend you convert all of your existing websites to blogs before your competition does.  Below are 2 methods for creating your own blog. 

Method 1 – Have Someone Do Everything For You

Scotts Websites will register your domain name, setup your DNS Servers, Build a Blog, Install the Blog, and publish the site based on your criteria.  They also do a great job on graphics, search engine optimization and promotion of your blog to maximize your income.

Method 2 – Do It Yourself

Register that great domain name. Pick a domain name that will match the theme of your blog such as “JimsIpodBlog.com” or “MarysDogsandCatsBlog.com”. You can usually get a domain name for about $5.99 to $9.99 per year. Some of the top domain spots are Dotster.com, Omnis.com iPower.com, and 1and1.com. Be sure to setup your DNS server information to point to your web host.

Select a Hosting Provider. A hosting provider is like a parking garage on the internet. You pay a monthly fee to host all of your blog files and images. Most web hosting companies will usually charge between $5 and $10 per month depending on the amount of space, amount of file transfer and features. Be very careful when selecting a web hosting provider as there are many fly by night companies that go out of business quickly. Your best bet is a reputable hosting company that has a corporate backing. The top 10 web hosting companies we have personally reviewed are as follows: Yahoo Web Hosting, 1 And 1 Hosting, EasyCGI.com Gate.com iPowerWeb, Value Web Hosting, Netfirms Web Hosting, OneWebHosting.com, Pow Web Hosting, and Host Gator Web Hosting.  Los Angeles Hosting also keeps up a listing of the top ten 10 web hosting companies with more details of the features, space, and bandwidth.  If you prefer to host your site on your own server, you can checkout GETi.com for Dell Coupons and codes, Sony Coupons, HP & Compaq coupons as well as a price comparison engine to ensure you are getting the very lowest price at any given moment.

Select Your Blogging Software – The most popular blogging software packages are WordPress and Blogger.  Select an appealing theme for your blog.  Here is a list of WordPress Themes.

Setup Your Blog. Most of the blogging services make this a very simple process. You’ll have to decide on  the overall look and feel of your blog.  Select the plugins you want to automate, ping and promote your site

Write Your Very First Post. Now you’re ready to create your first post.   If you don’t have a lot of experience, keep your posts short.  If you don’t know where else to start, begin with a “Welcome to My Web Blog” post. Tell your prospective readers why you have started your blog and what kinds of things you intend to write about.  Invite others to comment and expand your subject.

Add Options and Features. Most blogs allow you to post the books you are reading, music you enjoy, and various other lists. You can also incorporate third-party services like Bloglet. This enables your readers to subscribe to your site and receive an e-mail whenever you post a new entry. The best way to get an idea of what is available is to read other people’s blogs and take note of what you like.

Publicize Your Blog. You’ll want to make sure you’re “pinging” the major weblog tracking sites. Most of the blogging services handle this automatically, as do the offline blogging clients. Use Feedburner for this feature.

Post Often. If people like what you write, they will come back. However, if there’s nothing new to read, they will eventually lose interest. So, the more regularly you post something, the more your readership will grow. I suggest you schedule time to write at least every other day.

Thats It! You now have your own venue to present your ideas and opinions.